19-24 August 2022

Since its launch in 2005 on the initiative of Circolo della Vela Sicilia President Angelo Randazzo, the Palermo-Montecarlo quickly established itself as a Mediterranean classic, with its 500nm course that continues to attract a growing number of entrants.

For seasoned sailors like Mauro Pelaschier, Jochen Schümann, Francesco Bruni, Philippe Monnet and Brad Butterworth, four-time America’s Cup winner, it’s a race against the clock to beat the record; for others it is an adventure over several days at nights at sea with family and friends.



One month to start of Palermo-Montecarlo race

Palermo-Montecarlo Thursday 14th July 2022. The thrill of watching a fleet of boats in action in…

Countdown begins

Palermo-Montecarlo The curtain has gone up on the 17th Palermo-Montecarlo which has just released…

4th title for Yacht Club de Monaco’s Guido Miani

Palermo-Montecarlo Tuesday 24th August 2021. The goal announced at the start has been achieved! It…

Breakaway from lead group 

16th Palermo-Montecarlo - 21-26 August 2021   Monday 23rd August 2021. Most of the 47 boats…

In the thick of it now 

16th Palermo-Montecarlo - 21-26 August 2021   Sunday 22nd August 2021. The first hours of this…

480 nautical miles non-stop! 

16th Palermo-Montecarlo - 21-26 August 2021   Saturday 21st August 2021. A good start for the…



Maxi 82 Vera

Real-time winner
Trofeo Tasca d’Almerita

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Time compensated winner
Trofeo Angelo Randazzo

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Vainqueur en temps réel
Trofeo Tasca d’Almerita

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Tonnerre de Glen

Vainqueur en temps compensé
Trofeo Angelo Randazzo

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