25-26 September 2022A sustainable ecosystem approach for a positive impact

Organised by Monaco Marina Management (M3), the one-day Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous gathered key players in the sector, investors, developers, industrialists and innovators to promote development of eco-responsible marinas that are efficient, attractive and lively places where people want to be. The day focused on high-level discussions between decision-makers in the marina ecosystem, keen to invest in innovative solutions that meet their environmental and business challenges. The spotlight was on the most promising and most innovative solutions to encourage their take-up by the sector. Supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the event was hosted by Yacht Club de Monaco, a platform for promoting and exchanging views on initiatives in favour of an eco-responsible approach to yachting, at sea and ashore.

Palmares 2021

BOMBARDIER TROPHYTerroïko, Catherine de Roincé, CEO CREDIT SUISSE TROPHYGreencity Organisation, Isabelle Gerente, CEO SBM OFFSHORE TROPHY H2X-Ecosystems : Stéphane Paul, CEO

Coup de Coeur Prizes

HOSPITHOMEPatricia Franconi, General Manager HUMINT CONSULTINGMatteo Sironi, CEO CYRIASChuck Hervert, CEO SEAFLEXLars Brandt, CEO



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