Monaco Optimist Team Race | 11-15 January 2023


Saturday 13th January 2023 What a day it’s been for contestants in the Monaco Optimist Team Race who gave their all in a brisk 10-knot easterly breeze with back to back races until darkness fell to advance in the round robin phase. A total of 57 match races were held here in Monaco today, Saturday.

American class

Outstanding when it comes to speed, America’s national team seem unstoppable as they pulled off a string of victories, a few tacks being enough for them to extricate themselves from tactical traps set by the competition. Note that USA have already won this event twice – in 2022 and 2020.

Hot on their heels are the Swedes in a provisional 2nd place, keeping a weather eye always on the Croats, relegated this evening to 3rd but remaining serious contenders to win it. The young sailors from JKU Deep Blue are indeed real “blockers” and have clearly mastered team racing rules.

Heads out

The important thing is to stay totally focused throughout the races which last an average eight to ten minutes. Keeping your head out the boat to anticipate the opposing team’s manœuvres is key to gaining the upper hand. The Monegasques have grasped this concept and are foiling the forecasts by sticking close to the leaders. Currently lying 5th Yacht Club de Monaco youngsters must “focus on each match race as it comes and continue to communicate as they’ve been doing and not focus on the result,” explains their coach Margaux Meslin.

The round robin phase continues and ends tomorrow as does the event. It all starts at 10.00am.