Fair Winds for the SEA Index


Monaco, 16 January 2024. Launched in 2020 by the Yacht Club de Monaco and Credit Suisse, the SEA Index® is establishing itself as a key benchmark for assessing the CO2 emissions of pleasure crafts, with the aim of supporting shipowners committed to more sustainable yachting. To date, the SEA Index®, in collaboration with Lloyd’s Register, has carried out numerous assessments of superyachts, a meticulous process to ensure the accuracy of the ratings. This initiative is fully in line with the collective “Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting” approach. A growing number of superyacht owners are already adopting more sustainable practices by personal choice and aiming for higher standards. It is they who are driving change by engaging shipyards and funding the research and development associated with their projects.


A distinction for M/Y Kasper 7

M/Y Kasper 7, a 67-metre superyacht built in 2023 by the Italian shipyard Benetti and owned by a member of the Yacht Club de Monaco, has chosen the YCM Marina as her first port of call. During this visit, the yacht has been awarded 3-star SEA Index® certification. “It’s a great tool because it shows how the owners, crew and shipyards care about the sea and the environment. We’re very proud to have been awarded 3 stars because it tells us we’re heading in the right direction,” says Dario Savino, captain of M/Y Kasper 7, who is also a founding member of the Y.C.M. Captains’ Club.


This distinction is the result of a CO2 certification rigorously verified by Lloyd’s Register and sent by the Y.C.M. to any shipowner who requests it. As part of this certification, vessels awarded the 3rd star also benefit from exclusive privileges: free membership of the Superyacht Eco Association in 2024, discounts on mooring fees in the YCM Marina, preferential insurance rates with Jutheau Husson, a professional member of the SEA Index®, and a discount for the entire crew on sustainability training courses provided by La Belle Classe Academy, the Yacht Club de Monaco’s training centre.


SEA Index: what are the criteria?

The impact is expressed in grams of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere per gross ton per hour, which is representative of the volume of the vessel’s enclosed space. The SEA Index® evaluation system is based on the methodology adopted by the United Nations International Maritime Organisation, with specific adaptations for yachts over 25 metres. The process is simple and is based on the transmission of the boat’s documents, which are analysed using the SEA Index® tool.


SEA Index: improvement options for everyone

Regardless of the number of stars obtained, all vessels that have initiated the SEA Index® CO2 certification application process benefit from a summary report outlining the improvement options to be implemented to reduce their impact (engines, generators and energy balance). This is extremely useful information, particularly before the start of refit periods.


Offered to members of the Yacht Club de Monaco who wish to determine their yacht’s position in these ratings, this initiative has so far attracted nearly fifty owners of yachts over 25 metres who have signed up to the scheme. As it continues to develop, the SEA Index® is also used by many players in the sector, brought together under the umbrella of the “Friends of the SEA Index®”, who are keen to build a more sustainable future.


Information and details can be found on the website: https://sea-index.com/.



Evolution of the SEA Index® over time:

September 2020 – Launch of the SEA Index®.


September 2021 – Launch of phase II of the SEA Index®.

An opportunity to introduce “Friends of the SEA Index®”, a new membership category of the Superyacht Eco Association, open to individuals and companies who do not own a yacht assessed by the SEA Index®, but who nevertheless adhere to the principles and values of the Superyacht Eco Association.


July 2023 – Launch of phase III of the SEA Index®.

Phase III marks an important milestone, as it extends the range of yachts already covered by the calculation tool (40m+). A wider range of vessels, including those from 25 metres in length, can now benefit from this comprehensive and impartial energy intensity assessment tool.


September 2023 – Launch of SEA Index® phase IV

Launched in Cannes in collaboration with Azimut Yachts, phase IV assesses the energy intensity of yachts from 0 to 24 metres based on their fuel consumption.