36e Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse

J/70, Smeralda 888, Longtze Premier, Melges 20 and L30 competing, Plus exhibition fleet of the flying dinghy – Onefly


Monaco 8th February 2020 – Finesse at the helm and total control of manoeuvres were the order of the day for this Saturday of the Primo-Cup Trophée Credit Suisse, with one race completed in a 5-knot easterly that required concentration and patience from the 450 sailors.


Changes in the top threes

While some lost valuable points, others managed to go up the provisional ranking.

In the J/70s, the Russians on Elf held their nerve to consolidate their lead, 14 points clear of the team on Cer Aprotec – Ville de Genève. The Americans on CYC Seattle paid the price for their 26th place to drop down the ranking, while the YCM’s Giangiacomo Serena di Lapigio (G-Spottino) pulled off a well-earned 2nd to slip into the top three.



In the Smeralda 888 group, Botta Dritta conceded the first step of the provisional podium to Beda helmed by Timofey Sukhotin, with Paolo Rotelli (Black Star) now lying 3rd.



Ditto in the L30 class where Anastasia Kolesnichenko and her team had difficulty and could only manage 4th. This evening, she has been overtaken by the Belgian Jonas Gerckens with the YCM’s Denis Lankin now in 3rd.


In the Melges 20, the Russian teams supremacy has been breached by the Monegasques as Valentin Zavadnikov (Oleg Reps) and Path helmed by Anatoly Karachinsky now occupy 1st and 3rd place respectively.




While it may have been all change for these classes, in the Longtze Premier nothing moved and moral is high among the men on Shenzu. Untouchable from start to finish, they maintain their top spot in this all-Swiss fleet, followed by Qi and Outsider.


The final day of this 36th Primo Cup-Trophée Credit Suisse starts tomorrow at 11.00am, and while some are sure to consolidate good results, others will be hoping to inch their way up the ranking.



Programme 36th Primo Cup – Trophée Credit Suisse (subject to change)
Sunday 9th February 2020: 11.00am: Racing followed by prize-giving


© YCM/Studio Borlenghi/Stefano Gattini