16th Palermo-Montecarlo – 21-26 August 2021


Monday 23rd August 2021. Most of the 47 boats that started the 16th Palermo-Montecarlo from the Gulf of Mondello on Saturday finally caught some eagerly sought after breeze. Of these 18 have already made it through the Strait of Bonifacio.

No surprise to hear that race favourite, the 100-ft Arca SGR of the Fast and Furio Sailing Team, led by Guido Miani associated with Furio Benussi, has taken the lead. In their wake PendragonAragon and Leaps & Bounds complete the leading pack.  Arca SGR has started the ascent of Corsica via the west coast and is steadily eating up the miles at a speed of 8.5 knots. They expect to reach Monaco during the night around 2.00am.