Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series – Act I – 4-7 November 2021


Saturday 6th November 2021. Second day and suspense is mounting in Act 1 of the Monaco Sportsboat Winter Series. With a 5-knot 240°-260° (west, south, west) breeze and pronounced swell from the east, a cool head and keeping up the pressure on the competition was key. Two races were completed during a light air day when contestants had clearly not left their determination and grit in the changing rooms.


Junda takes off

Among Monegasque teams who know the race area well, it was a question of jostling hard for position to survive in a fleet where the level is so consistent, difficult to make up ground and catch the leading group once over the start.  On the other hand, all lights were green for Junda led by Ludovico Fassitelli who posted a 4th and 2nd place to top the provisional ranking this evening, just ahead of the Spanish on Patakin who made a comeback worthy of the history books.

There’s still one more day to go and all eyes will be on the Americans aboard Good to Go, still very much in the running but having dropped to 3rd place today.



Loïc Pompée and his Sailing Racing Team crew, taking advantage of Laser specialist and Olympic sailor Jean-Baptiste Bernaz as coach for this meeting, clawed their way back to lie 5th, behind the Russians on Elf, and have their sights set on a podium finish.

Final day tomorrow with the first race scheduled for 11.00am.