3rd Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous

24 & 25 September 2023


Marinas mobilise to progress the energy transition

Monaco, 31st August 2023 – In keeping with its public service remit, Yacht Club de Monaco under its President HSH Prince Albert II aims to position the Principality as a spearhead for responsible yachting in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Under the aegis of its collective Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting approach, YCM has become a platform of communication hosting international events like the Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina Rendezvous; a unique in the world crossroads where financiers, politicians and innovators gather to progress concrete technological solutions applicable to marinas.

“Monaco has long fostered a tradition of innovation since the turn of the 20th century when it organised the first powerboat meetings, a living heritage we will pay tribute to during Monaco Classic Week-La Belle Classe (13-16 September). Now, we are returning to the pure yachting DNA, a more authentic and measured usage by putting forward sustainable solutions. This necessary evolution allows us to be in tune with core values shared by owners and those who love the sea,” explains Bernard d’Alessandri, Yacht Club de Monaco General Secretary and President of the Cluster Yachting Monaco.

Organised 24th and 25th September by Monaco Marina Management (M3), experts in development, management and promotion of marinas, yacht clubs and sailing schools, the Monaco Smart and Sustainable Marina Rendezvous focuses on presenting the latest advances to encourage construction and development of virtuous marinas. The meeting is supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Extended Monaco, a Government digital transition programme for the Principality, as well as Bombardier, MB92 Group, Xerjoff and Royal Caviar House.

“We have been working for several years now on the virtuous marina concept. Faced with today’s environmental challenges, we believe a global response from an international perspective is essential. We are convinced there are many technological solutions out there that could be deployed in marinas which are important stakeholders in local economies,” says José Marco Casellini, CEO of M3.


E-Catalogue: overview of innovative solutions

Keen to bring out and highlight new solutions that are still not well known, the organisers have published an E-Catalogue available to consult online on the event’s official website: (https://sustainablesmartmarina.com/e-catalogue-2023).

The E-Catalogue references 50 startups and scaleups identified by positive impact innovation experts Blumorpho, plus some 20 marinas and architects from 26 countries in Monaco Marina Management’s network. “We define a marina as a future-oriented micro-city with a strong interaction between the land and marine environment. They are an opportunity to envisage new models for tomorrow’s cities. We are delighted to be partnering M3, leader in virtuous marina development, and contribute to promoting innovative solutions with strong potential. The objective is to respond to water, energy, waste and recovery management; mobility; security; construction; port facilities and infrastructures to cope with climate change; and of course protecting and regenerating biodiversity,” says Géraldine A. Gustin, CEO of Blumorpho.

A unique interactive meeting between all stakeholders in the marina ecosystem

Entrepreneurs, industrialists, investors, marina operators and promotors and architects are among the 250-plus professionals from all over the world gathering to discover the latest innovative solutions and discuss their application in round tables. Alongside startups and scaleups, numerous marinas (Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, West Indies, etc) will be attending. All have seized this opportunity to make face-to-face contact with potential investors and players essential to their growth.

In this spirit, Olivier Darrasson, representing the Méditerranée du Futur investors club will present PLIFF (PAMEx Local Investment Finance Facility), a finance tool for eco-projects in the Mediterranean and discuss a green electrification project for marinas, Monday 25th September to open the discussions.

This will be followed by a panel addressing the impact of the new generation of yachts on marina infrastructures. Objective: highlight levers to be brought on to encourage development and operation of virtuous marinas. Discussions will take place in all the workshops organised Sunday 24th and Monday 25th September.

The marina as an attractiveness tool to create a new destination

Sustainability is now an economic advantage and key issue for politicians as evidenced by the presence of international governmental delegations, such His Excellency the Acting CEO of Saudi Red Sea Authority Mohammed Al-Asir, Linos Voskarides, Director General of the Sea for the European Commission, Alessandra Priante, United Nations World Tourism Organisation, and a representative of PAMEx (Plan of Action for a Model Mediterranean) and Plan Bleu-Euromed. Participants will be coming to meet these players, convinced of the opportunities the leisure boat industry offers. A niche market, its growth leads to new destinations when marinas are built with their undeniably attractive facilities that generate economic, tourist and job benefits for those regions.

Representatives of these international delegations will go on to discuss eco-responsible tourism and attractiveness: the key role played by public organisations and policy makers. An opportunity to demonstrate public policy support for marinas. Among key points that will be debated are: what actions are being taken; deciphering funding; European and non-European market situations; and managing deadlines set by public financiers.

The meeting concludes 25th September with the International Smart & Sustainable Marina Awards for the following categories: Startups & Scaleups, Marinas and Architects plus a new ideas competition to inspire architects and student architects to create attractive, functional and sustainable waterfronts. The renowned French architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte will chair the jury to decide between the many entries.

For the full programme: https://sustainablesmartmarina.com/programme-2023/


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