The Superyacht Eco Association’s pioneering SEA Index® CO2 tool and independently verified certification for superyachts over 25 meters has been awarded the esteemed CAPENERGIES label, underscoring its innovative contribution to reducing the environmental impact and carbon footprint of superyachts.


Developed under the aegis of the Yacht Club de Monaco’s ‘Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting’ initiative, the SEA Index® represents a groundbreaking advancement in maritime sustainability. It is the first tool of its kind to measure the energy intensity and compare the CO2 emissions of superyachts over 25 meters, utilizing manufacturer-provided data and custom installed equipment onboard. This initiative reflects Monaco’s commitment to leading the yachting sector towards a more sustainable future.



The CAPENERGIES cluster facilitates the emergence of innovative projects and supports their development to accelerate the Energy Transition. It works for the benefit of low-carbon energy sectors and its members. The cluster brings together a dynamic network of nearly 520 members – major industrial groups, companies, including a majority of SMEs and start-ups, research and training centres, local authorities and financiers – specialising in energy and related uses. It has links with more than 300 partners in France and Europe.


The CAPENERGIES label, awarded by an independent 12-member committee, reflects the innovative approach of the SEA Index®, the progress made by the Superyacht Eco Association since the rating was launched in 2020, and its potential for significant economic impact and a reduced environmental footprint.  The CAPENERGIES labelling committee rigorously assesses projects, focusing on their innovation, market potential and economic impact.


In receiving the CAPENERGIES label, the SEA Index CO2 tool is recognized not only for its technological innovation but also for its potential to reshape the sector’s approach to environmental stewardship. This label is a crucial step in supporting the SEA Index project from its innovative inception to sector adoption, aligning with the broader goals of fostering more sustainable practices in yachting.


We are honored to receive the CAPENERGIES label, which validates our efforts to lead yachting towards a more sustainable future,” said Bernard d’Alessandri Vice President for the Superyacht Eco Association and General Secretary of the Yacht Club de Monaco. “This recognition inspires us to continue developing neutral tools that help yachting stakeholders make informed decisions when buying, selling and chartering yachts.”

The SEA Index® CO2 tool’s recognition by CAPENERGIES is poised to catalyze further advancements in sustainable yachting, encouraging yacht owners and manufacturers to prioritize better practices and reduce their environmental impact.


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About the Superyacht Eco Association:

The Superyacht Eco Association, an initiative of the Yacht Club de Monaco, is dedicated to promoting sustainable practices in the yachting industry. Through its SEA Index®, the association aims to lead the industry in reducing the environmental impact of superyachts and enhancing energy efficiency in superyachts over 25 meters.




CAPENERGIES is an independent committee composed of leading experts in the energy sector. The committee meets monthly to evaluate innovative projects, offering support from research and development to market introduction. The CAPENERGIES label is awarded to projects demonstrating exceptional innovation and potential economic impact.