Cagliari-Monaco | 24-28 April 2023

Monday 24th April 2023. And they’re off! The fleet of the first edition of this new offshore race left Cagliari in southern Sardinia today. The meeting is part of ‘Cagliari-Montecarlo Sea Week’ organised by the Lega Navale Italiana de Cagliari, Yacht Club Porto Rotondo and Yacht Club de Monaco under the aegis of the Italian Sailing Federation.

The ten boats competing left the regatta village at 12.30pm to line up on the start line moored off the Levante jetty and Sant’Elia hill. Ahead of them lies a 360 nautical mile course along the spectacular east coasts of Sardinia and Corsica.  In the next few hours, contestants have to pass an intermediate gate at a level with Soffi Island opposite Porto Rotondo, a mandatory passage so organisers can clock the first times. Among participants we have Adalberto Miani (Botta Dritta,) the man behind the race, Roberto Tamburelli (Furibonda) and Carlo Falcone (Mariella), all from Yacht Club de Monaco.

The first are expected to arrive in Monaco sometime between 27th and 28th April.