Beginners to competition level

Be it on Optimists, Bugs, Toppers, ILCA, and J/70s, lessons, coaching and training sessions are organised all year round by 11 state qualified instructors and coaches, whose mission is to teach them all about sailing, discovering the sea and safeguarding the maritime environment. The youngest, from 6 years old, can start learning on Bugs or Toppers.


Sea School - the school of life

In collaboration with the National Education’s curriculum, the YCM’s Youth Sailing Division provides sailing courses, in cycles of 6 to 10 weeks, from 8th Grade to Baccalaureate Level, between September and June. Some may choose sailing as a subject for their Baccalaureate in the Principality.

Nearly 80 classes, that is over 2,000 pupils, will discover the sea and learn how to sail; they will assimilate essential and valuable qualities: independence, physical skills and abilities, team work, and respect and humility towards the elements, while developing and awareness of the importance of preserving our maritime environment.

Sailing during the school holidays

During school holidays, the YCM’s Sports Section organises courses from beginner through to advanced level, for children aged 6 to 15, which are both educational and fun (in, under and on the sea). The aim is to encourage youngsters to take up sailing (Bugs and/or Toppers) and to raise their awareness and give them a better understanding of the maritime environment and the need to protect it.



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