Navigate the past to build the future

Since its creation in 2005, at the instigation of HSH Prince Albert II, President of the Yacht Club de Monaco, “La Belle Classe Tradition” has proved its determination to develop traditional yachting, by uniting owners behind a Charter to defend three fundamental values:

–    preservation of our maritime heritage and its yachts

–    respect for naval etiquette

–    protection of the sea and the environment

The aim of the label is to unite owners around its values and to promote top quality seamanship and craftsmanship in order to pass on to future generations a priceless cultural heritage and a certain “art de vivre la mer”.

Today, “La Belle Classe” has over sixty owners of traditional yachts, among which are some of the world’s most prestigious vessels, as well as famous personalities from the Yachting world. All have affirmed their commitment to the label’s values by signing the “La Belle Classe” charter, a genuine moral commitment.

Launch in 2005

Dedicated to owners of traditional yachts (pre-1950), professionals and key players in the sector.

Actions Implemented:

‘La Belle Classe Tradition’ Charter; Inauguration of signatories; Memorandum; Race Instructions; Working with race organisers; Captains Symposiums; Monaco Classic Week.

Classic Yachts


  • Preservation of our maritime heritage and respect for all craft and elements considered as forming part of, or being ancillary to, that heritage.
  • Respect for history, and the maintenance and conservation of the yacht which the owner has under his or her care, and on behalf of which the owner shall make every effort to preserve its authenticity and original design.
  • Observance of maritime customs and regulations, concerning mutual assistance, fellowship and hospitality in accordance with naval etiquette, on land as at sea.
  • Participation in traditional yacht gatherings, promoting courteous and respectful behaviour as befits a gentleman, at all times and in all circumstances towards other competitors, yachts and people in general.
  • Sharing and communicating the pleasures of the sea and its values.
  • Respect for the environment and the sea. Admission to “La Belle Classe Tradition” cannot be solicited, it is not a right, only those who demonstrate an actual commitment and a sincere desire to defend these principles will be granted membership.


LBC Tradition

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