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Eager to offer solutions to the environmental challenges of our time, the Y.C.M. has committed since January 1, 2018, to ensure its electricity consumption is produced from renewable energy sources (Egeo Certification guarantees us an offer of electricity from renewable sources). This initiative echoes the various actions already implemented in the past, as evidenced by the achievement of the ISO 14001 certification in June 2016, a managerial approach that gives the Club the status of an eco-responsible company.

As part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, the Yacht Club de Monaco undertakes several initiatives such as the recycling of its swimming pool water through the technology developed by FGWRS. This sustainable approach contributes to the preservation of the environment and the responsible management of water resources. This recycled water is indeed sent back to the swimming pool, especially during the filter cleaning sequence, instead of the drinking water usually used for this purpose. Since June 2023, 128.29 cubic meters are reinjected monthly.

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This emblematic building has been designed in response to the local climate and sets high standards in sustainable design that complies with HQE standards. A passive design, the structure balances shade and natural light and the glass facades can be opened for natural ventilation. Photovoltaic cells, solar thermal panels and sea water cooling systems take advantage of the sun and waterfront site. LED low energy lighting, state of the art systems to manage energy use, waste and water, and points to recharge electric-powered cars have been integrated into the design.

Account has been taken of the life-time sustainability of the building, a factor behind the choice of local materials such as the use of European oak on the terraces, isolation panels and recycled aggregates for the foundations, as well as employing local companies. The Green Building approach also aims to minimise the impact of building works on the neighbours.

Label e+

Certificat Egeo

The Yacht Club de Monaco continues its commitment to the environment with the acquisition of the Egeo certificate issued by the SMEG (Société Monégasque d’Electricité et de Gaz) since 2018, certifying that its electricity consumption is produced from renewable sources. This allows the Club to earn the e+ label, which aligns with the goals set by the Climate Energy Plan to act for the energy transition. Governed by a “positive energy” Charter, the e+ label refers to the natural contributions of the sun, the strength of the wind, and waters, a way to encourage actors in the Monaco area to intensify their commitment towards eco-responsible approaches. By taking a further step towards a cleaner future, the Y.C.M. continues to write the pages of its future, which it knows will be sustainable.


The Yacht Club de Monaco committed to the energy transition by signing the National Pact on July 7, 2021. The Charter of the pact, which brings together various actors, focuses on three key areas: mobility, waste management, and energy use. Annual action plans specify the measures taken by members for the energy transition, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By adhering to this pact, the YCM underscores its commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Monaco, in collaboration with the Princely Government.

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At the Yacht Club de Monaco, our commitment to environmental excellence is certified under ISO 14001 since June 2016. This internationally recognized certification underscores our dedication to sustainable environmental management. Through rigorous eco-responsible practices, we aim to reduce our ecological footprint, continually improve our operations, and conserve natural resources for future generations. Our ISO 14001 approach is the cornerstone of our environmental policy, reflecting our mission to lead in the protection and enhancement of the marine environment.


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