A sustainable marina

At the heart of the Yacht Club de Monaco’s commitment to preserving the oceans, our sustainable marina embodies our vision of the future of yachting. Combining innovation and respect for the environment, we adopt eco-responsible practices to minimize our ecological impact and promote sailing that respects the sea.


24 Biohuts installed in the YCM Marina

A new step for the environment

The Yacht Club de Monaco has decided to support a new ecological action by becoming a true ecological corridor in the Port Hercule by enabling the installation of 24 new nurseries in the YCM Marina. Indeed, since 2014, the Direction des Affaires Maritimes (DAM), the Direction de l’Environnement (DE) and the Société d’Exploitation des Ports de Monaco (SEPM) have called on the Ecocéan company to install “Biohuts” in the Principality’s ports to create artificial habitats that reintroduce the ecological nursery function of rocky and sandy bottoms. The process protects the larvae from predators, giving them a better chance of surviving and contributing to the growth of adult populations.

Since these installations have proved their effectiveness, as attested by the BIOTOPE company’s biannual scientific monitoring reports, which record the presence of 416 fish of 12 different species and an extremely well-developed and varied fauna, the DAM, DE and SEPM have decided to continue this partnership for a further four years. A total of 79 nurseries have been installed in Monaco’s ports, covering the entire Port Hercule and Port de Fontvieille, in order to restore the ecosystem impacted by human activity.

Cleaning robot

Installed within our Marina since 2021, DPOL plays a role in reducing water pollution. Thanks to this initiative, nearly 5 kg of floating waste are collected every month.


Electric boat recharging station

In May 2019, two AQUA SUPERPOWER terminals were installed on the dock for recharging boats. The Yacht Club de Monaco was among the early adopters of this technology during the first installation. Since the summer of 2023, two new terminals have been installed at Touch & Go on the pontoon. These 4 terminals offer direct current. Boats equipped with a DC Combo connector can recharge up to 150 kW in just

Water collection

Grey and black waters are collected through a simple gravity-based connection to the dock, thereby preventing uncontrolled discharges into the sea. This collection method aligns with our commitment to preserving the quality of the surrounding water.


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