An eco-responsible approach 

ISO 14001

In an ongoing quest to seek solutions to the environmental problems of our time, since 1st January 2018 the YCM has been committed to ensuring the electricity it uses come from renewable energy sources. The initiative follows various actions already taken which include achieving ISO 14001 certification in June 2016, a management system giving the Club eco-responsible organisation status.

It is this spirit which drives the YCM’s sustainable policy, the aim being to guarantee the needs of present generations while preserving resources for future generations. This commitment to the environment determines key objectives of our progress on waste management, prevention and control of pollution risks, preservation of natural resources and implementation of a sustainable purchasing policy.

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HQE approach

This emblematic building has been designed in response to the local climate and sets high standards in sustainable design that complies with HQE standards. A passive design, the structure balances shade and natural light and the glass facades can be opened for natural ventilation. Photovoltaic cells, solar thermal panels and sea water cooling systems take advantage of the sun and waterfront site. LED low energy lighting, state of the art systems to manage energy use, waste and water, and points to recharge electric-powered cars have been integrated into the design.

Account has been taken of the life-time sustainability of the building, a factor behind the choice of local materials such as the use of European oak on the terraces, isolation panels and recycled aggregates for the foundations, as well as employing local companies. The Green Building approach also aims to minimise the impact of building works on the neighbours.


Materials used

Only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council ensuring sustainable forestry) wood has been used.

External timber flooring: FSC Elondo Ivorense Hardwood. Processed and dried in Europe.

Interior: FSC European Oak for the parquet floors with joints picking up the detail on boats, making large surfaces reflecting the natural movement of the wood.

Interior wall cladding: big format gloss white lacquered panels with aluminium inserts, giving maximum flexibility for hanging.

Internal ceilings: FSC European oak triangular slats with acoustic backing.

ISO 14001 Commitment



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