Next Rendezvous: 21 March 2024

As part of Monaco Ocean Week, organised by the Prince Albert II Foundation and the Monaco Government, in partnership with the Monaco Oceanographic Institute & Scientific Centre of Monaco, Yacht Club de Monaco is organising, in March 2024, its 13th Environmental Symposium a half day conference for the industry, owners and captains, under the aegis of its ‘Monaco Capital of Advanced Yachting’ project.



Replay: "Yachting with sense"




Sustainability at the heart of yachting stakeholders concerns

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Urging a more responsible yachting industry through alternative energy sources, innovation and collaboration

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11th Environmental Symposium – La Belle Classe Superyachts: ‘Yachting with sense’

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Thursday 24th March: Monaco Capital of Yachting

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REPLAY - 10th Environmental Symposium « La Belle Classe Superyachts »

Energy Observer / EODev CEO / Mike Horn / Yacht Environmental Transparency Index / SEA Index

Guillaume Pitron conference:
Electric propulsion, Greentech and rare metals: which energy transition for Yachting?

Debate with Boris Herrmann & Pierre Casiraghi
Presention of data collected by the laboratory installed on board to measure CO2 emissions.


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