Keeping up the pace

They are the lifeblood of the Yacht Club de Monaco’s sports events, all the many volunteers who make up the Flotte des Commissaires which is so indispensable to the organisation.

Under the command of Rodolphe Bouquet, and supervised by Captains, new recruits are supported at every stage of their apprenticeship with a structure that teaches them the skills they need in the different sectors, such as race committee, safety, reception, registrations, etc.






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An asset that underpins all the Club's events


Administration Department

Capitain: Christine Bouchet

Mission: to manage all administrative aspects of YCM events, working with the Race Committee President and the YCM’s Service Membres. It is involved with pre-registration in the run-up to events, as well as during events with registrations and collecting results. It may also be called upon to second the Beach Officer at big events or assume the role at smaller meetings as part of their training.

Protocol / Welcome Department

Capitain: Jean Marie Conterno

Mission: working alongside Service Membres and the Communication & Marketing Department, they are involved in special events and protocol (example: Restoration Prize jury and Concours d’élégance jury at Monaco Classic Week).

They are also responsible for welcoming participants to other events taking place around the main one (for example, Pasta Party, etc.), and assist with prize-giving preparations and welcoming personalities, partners and other guests.

Security Department

Capitain: Rodolphe Bouquet

Mission: to manage, in accordance with Neptune Autorité, all safety aspects for competitors when they are out on the water at YCM nautical events. It is also responsible for developing a working procedure for the Beach Officer (recommended by ISAF), interventions at sea, and looking after all the safety equipment.

Committee Department

Capitain: Joshua Warren

Mission: to manage, with the YCM Race Committee President, the race officers and equipment required to ensure nautical events at the YCM are run properly.

Jury Department

Capitain: Patrice Clerc

Mission: to manage Jury members and Umpires during YCM nautical events. It is also the secretariat for the Jury.


Flotte des commissaires

Phone Number

+377 93 10 64 04