Encouraging innovation and accompanying the future development of yachting

A favourite port of call for owners and their superyachts and a base for numerous designers and the major brokers, the Principality of Monaco has always been an exclusive destination. Uniting as it does the most prestigious private yachts in the world under its flag the Yacht Club occupies a unique position in the Luxury Yachting world.

Following in the wake of actions undertaken within “La Belle Classe Tradition”, HSH Prince Albert II wished to extend the expertise and concept to the Luxury Yachting sector. As a result, in June 2008 the Yacht Club de Monaco created “La Belle Classe Superyachts”, a label to unite all those involved in Yachting.

Its aim: to promote technological innovation in the ongoing quest to improve boats; to safeguard the environment and the sea (by encouraging a responsible attitude, use of new or existing innovative techniques, etc); and to have respect for etiquette (crew and owner dress code, courtesy and solidarity rules among members of “La Belle Classe”).

With “La Belle Classe Superyachts”, the Yacht Club de Monaco wants to be in a position to welcome, assist and raise awareness among 40m-plus yacht owners of our maritime culture, and to encourage yachting professionals to adopt a philosophy which is respectful of the environment.

Launch in 2008

Dedicated to owners of superyachts (over 40-metres), professionals and key-players in the sector

Actions implemented:

‘La Belle Classe Superyachts’ Charter’; Inauguration of signatories; Business Symposiums; Environmental Symposiums; Superyacht christenings

Since 2008


Throughout the year, “La Belle Classe Superyachts” is active, both directly with owners and in arranging awareness seminars and dinner-debate symposiums for professionals in the sector (architects, shipyards, harbour masters, maritime experts, captains, brokers, etc), a first for the yachting industry.

The Yacht Club de Monaco, together with “La Belle Classe” ambassadors, is reaffirming its desire to promote etiquette, the environment and innovation in the luxury yacht sector, thus contributing to the Principality’s mission to remain a global crossroads for Yachting.


The Charter

The owner who signs this Charter promises to honour the three fundamental values of “La Belle Classe Superyachts”:

  • Respect for etiquette: by complying with codes and customs which are the true heritage of the Yachting fraternity, taking account of the way a yacht’s owner and crew behave and dress, come to the aid of others, and respect all other yachts whatever the circumstances: these are the rules of courtesy and solidarity between members of “La Belle Classe”.
  • Respect for the environment and the sea: by adopting an environmentally responsible attitude at all times, to include maintenance (with eco-friendly products) and employing new or existing technologies, such as ecologically sound fuels, hybrid engines, reducing CO2 emissions, the use of Pods to preserve the seabed, and other actions.
  • An ability to innovate and embrace new technologies: by producing, adapting, employing and promoting new technologies, elegance and harmony of design, in order to develop Yachting while preserving the environment. Research is vital to the future evolution of Yachting. This owner therefore agrees to be an Ambassador of “La Belle Classe Superyachts” and to promote and to defend these values at every opportunity. Admission to “La Belle Classe” cannot be solicited, there are no enrolment fees, only those who demonstrate an actual commitment and a sincere desire to defend these principles will be granted membership.
La Belle Classe Superyachts


François Fiat

13 May 2009

Eric Wittouck

17 December 2010

Valentin Zavadnikov

21 June 2012

Guido Krass

21 September 2012


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