These 60-foot monohulls

These 60-foot (18.28m) monohulls joined the sailing world in 1986 at the BOC Challenge and are among the fastest boats in the world. Built of composite materials, they are designed to be both lightweight and robust to cope with the toughest of weather conditions. Although the class decided to limit the rating for safety reasons, the IMOCAs have evolved over the years to include designers’ best innovations. Fixed keels now tilt, hulls are more powerful (with more volume to the fore), and above all foils have been added. These “moustaches” take the weight of the hull, limiting the hydrodynamic drag so the boat goes faster on certain tacks. Malizia-Seaexplorer was the result of 18 months of planning and construction, 35,000 design hours and 45,000 hours in the build, involving 250 people. “Sensations on the boat are completely different. It’s a bit heavier with a slightly banana shaped hull to ride the waves that entails a different sailing technique. It is also higher which has allowed for more space inside, improving the quality of life for all on board,” says Pierre Casiraghi, YCM Vice-President and founder of Team Malizia. “The boat’s designed for the Vendée Globe, so solo sailing but also with crew for The Ocean Race. It also has a lot more sensors and electronics”.

Monegasque IMOCA Fleet



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  • 3e The Ocean Race
  • 5° Vendée Globe 2020/2021


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