World Oceans Day (8th June 2021)


“Monaco’s future lies with the sea”, wrote Prince Rainier III, Yacht Club de Monaco founder in 1953, a phrase still relevant today and which comes into its own on the eve of United Nations World Oceans Day.
Under the aegis of its Monaco Capital of Yachting project, launched in 2012 at the instigation of its President HSH Prince Albert II, YCM encourages all relevant initiatives aimed at protecting the marine environment. “More than ever before we need to build the future through the prism of eco-responsibility. The yachting industry cannot evolve unless it incorporates the concept of sustainable development in every one of its initiatives. We are the heirs of a long tradition of innovation going back to the 1904 powerboat meetings that allowed manufacturers to trial their latest advances in engine technology. It’s up to us to perpetuate this tradition and prepare the industry’s future,” explains Yacht Club de Monaco General Secretary, Bernard d’Alessandri.



Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (6-10 July 2021): new generation engineering and creativity at the service of developing eco-responsible yachts

Keen to play its role in writing a new chapter, YCM brings all industry players together with the new generation of engineers for the eighth edition of this annual event. The aim is for them to work together and on Open Source on greener alternative propulsion systems. From 6-10 July 2021, 32 teams, 22 universities and 16 nationalities will be found on the quays and in Monaco bay unveiling their latest innovations to optimise energy use and propulsion.


SEA Index: a benchmark to assess superyacht CO2 emissions

Always with the objective to position Monaco as a centre of excellence and innovation in the luxury yacht sector, YCM in partnership with Credit Suisse established the Superyacht Eco Association and its SEA Index in 2020. This rating targets +40m yachts by evaluating CO2 emissions of their propulsion systems and generators. The first step to reducing emissions is to assess them, an essential step for owners, captains, boatyards and other protagonists keen to improve the overall environmental performance of superyachts. Available online (, this bespoke tool offers a quick method to assess a yacht’s carbon footprint. SEA Index certificates will be issued by Lloyd’s Register, an independent globally recognised organisation. The SEA Index is also now used in deciding the annual La Belle Classe Explorer Awards, presented by HSH Prince Albert II as a tribute to owners who have distinguished themselves in their commitment to the marine environment, both in the design and the manner in which they sail their explorer yacht.


Smart Yachting & Marina (20th Sept. 2021): creating ports of call with eco-responsible facilities

Under its La Belle Classe Destinations certification, Yacht Club de Monaco aims to support development of new generation marinas to accommodate tomorrow’s greener yachts.
“The whole yachting ecosystem needs to be mobilised. We want to accompany developments not only in how yachts are powered and good practices, but also to ensure these boats will be able to call into virtuous marinas,” says General Secretary of the YCM which will host the Smart Yachting & Marina meeting on 20th September 2021. Supported by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and Extended Monaco, the Monaco Government’s digital transformation programme, the meeting is being organised by Monaco Marina Management. It will bring together key players, investors, promotors, manufacturers and innovators to develop eco-responsible, efficient, attractive and user-friendly marinas that are lively places where people want to be. The day will be dedicated to targeted high-level discussions between decision-makers from across this ecosystem keen to invest in innovations that will meet their business and environmental challenges. The most promising solutions will be highlighted to encourage their adoption: this is “Smart” technology at the service of protecting the environment.



Through these initiatives, Yacht Club de Monaco is fast becoming an effective platform promoting an approach to yachting that respects the environment. “In putting words into actions, these initiatives demonstrate how Yacht Club de Monaco carries out its mission to educate and support all relevant initiatives to ensure recreational boats lead the way in sustainable development,” concludes Bernard d’Alessandri who believes everyone involved in the sector must be mobilised to protect the Ocean.