March 2022

YCM Explorer Awards by La Belle Classe Superyachts recognise owners who take their environmental responsibilities seriously. They are presented by the Club’s President, HSH Prince Albert II, at the end of a one-day Environmental Symposium, organised by the YCM during Monaco Ocean Week in March.

The major criteria for these awards are the owner’s conception of their superyacht, how they use it and what it can do for humanity. It could be a technical innovation that significantly reduces the yacht’s CO2 emissions, the assistance given to scientists, or just an ability to pass on and share adventures at sea so that many more people come to respect, love and protect the Ocean. These men and women are tomorrow’s explorers and all perpetuate the YCM’s ‘Art de Vivre la Mer’ philosophy which is at the heart of the Club’s core values.

Launched in 2019



- Science / Mediation
- Technology / Innovation
- Adventure / Ethics / Behaviour / Environment

The 2019 winners

Technology / Innovation

M/Y Bravo Eugenia (109m)

Mediation / Science

M/Y Alucia (56m)

Adventure / Ethics / Behaviour

M/Y E&E (42m)


S/Y Tara (36m)

Special Jury Mention

M/Y Polarfront (55m)



Phone Number

+377 93 10 64 09