Sir Ersnt Expedition. Thursday 3rd February.


Hervé had put together an accelerated glacier walking course for us. We took advantage of another windy but sunny day to practise on the snowy slopes near the mooring. We familiarised ourselves with harnesses, carabiners, quickdraws, Machard and Prussik autoblock knots, and all the trappings of mountain climbing (belay devices, etc.) for hauling and recovering a companion if they fall into a crevasse.



We then took the opportunity to climb 100m up snowy slopes. Visibility and sunshine are better than yesterday. The wind is blowing hard offshore and in nearby inlets. We discovered the mountains of Brabant Island to the north of our anchorage, rising to 2,500m. We are very lucky with the weather. The scenery is breathtaking. A Himalayan atmosphere by the sea! What a beautiful start to our stay here.