After three weekends of meetings, the qualification phase of the first Monegasque E-Sailing championship on Virtual Regatta has just ended.
The 60 competitors, members of the Y. C. M Sports Section, have met virtually since the beginning of April during nine races run.

It is the laser scientists who have managed to pull out of the game with a still provisional podium: Jérémy Moutout currently occupies first place ahead of Juan Casalone himself followed by the young Bodhi Van der Linden.

All will meet next Sunday at 3:00 p.m. for the grand finale. Four rounds are on the menu, which will allow the entire fleet to be divided into three rounds: gold, silver and bronze, enough to keep the regatta atmosphere until the end of the game.


Gold: 1 – 20

Silver: 21 -40

Bronze: 41 – 60