A collective concerted response to challenges facing tomorrow’s yachting

At the 5th Monaco Ocean Week organised by the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation alongside the Monaco Oceanographic Institute and Monaco Scientific Centre, Yacht Club de Monaco celebrated the 10th anniversary of Monaco Capital of Yachting.
Initiated by Yacht Club de Monaco in 2012 this project to consolidate the Principality’s position as a centre of excellence for the sector, has been given a whole new international dimension as: Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting.
“From a simple vision to raise awareness among local players, it quickly became apparent that this approach was an obvious one for the Principality (…). “I am convinced of the efficacy of collectively signing up to the Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting approach to formalise our commitment through this brand, as a tool to leverage international influence (…). “I intend to encourage and promote our tradition for innovation which relies on technological progress to build a responsible future for yachting, in line with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals which I share through my Foundation. (…) “The guiding principle is synonymous with growth that respects the environment, by realising that sustainable development is not a constraint but a lever that can improve the sector’s resilience, generate added value, and contribute to a healthy ecosystem and strong community.”
HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, President of Yacht Club de Monaco.

A commitment charter to unite yachting stakeholders in Monaco

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Mrs Céline Caron-Dagioni, Government Minister of Public Works, the Environment & Urban Development surrounded (l-r) by: Edouard Mousny, Vice-President Cluster Yachting Monaco, Claudia Batthyany, Project Manager ‘Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting’, Espen Oeino, Yacht Designer & Vice-President of the Cluster Yachting Monaco, Aleco Keusseoglou, President of SEPM, Gaëlle Tallarida, Managing Director of the Monaco Yacht Show, Olivier Wenden, Vice-President and CEO Prince Albert II Foundation, Guy Antognelli, Director of the Tourism and Convention Authority, Thomas Battaglione, CEO of SMEG, Jean-Luc Biamonti, CEO of Monte-Carlo SBM and Bernard d’Alessandri, YCM General Secretary and President of Cluster Yachting Monaco.

They said

H.E. Mr Pierre Dartout, Minister of State

“The vision is simple: Monaco must always be ahead on economic and environmental issues. We must mobilise all stakeholders. There are nearly 1,000 jobs in Monaco in the yachting sector. It is an essential factor in our attractiveness, as the Principality offers an exceptional network of the many different professions operating in this industry.”

Céline Caron-Dagioni, Government Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development

“Monaco must be an example. Building an eco-responsible yachting sector can only be considered in concert with all partners. We must all be on board with this theme to meet our commitments to reduce greenhouse gases. A reminder that this is under 55% by 2030 and to be carbon neutral by 2050.”

Frédéric Genta, Country Chief Digital Officer in charge of the Digital Transition

“Yachting, like any sector, has to evolve and modernise. It could have a central role to play, by embracing in particular digital technology. In order to preserve the fragile link between mankind and the sea, this growth and modernisation can only be achieved by respecting the marine environment.”

Other highlights of the day

A platform for owners, members and yachting professionals, for the Yacht Club de Monaco this yachting-focused day was a chance to put the spotlight on the many initiatives and innovative solutions at the service of shaping tomorrow’s yachting.


Using an innovative Web TV format there was a presentation on the 2nd Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Rendezvous, which takes place 25-26 September 2022, organised by M3 in partnership with Blumorpho and Extended Monaco.
To meet the challenges of virtuous marinas, the original concept and selection process for this event, focused on startups, has been extended this year to include marinas and architects. All three categories will be referenced in the E-Catalogue and have a chance of winning a Monaco Smart & Sustainable Marina Award.


Sustainability & added value of a Zero Emission Goal” was the theme of this lively discussion session centred on the upcoming Monaco Energy Boat Challenge (5-9 July 2022).


Project ambassador, French sailor Michel Desjoyeaux came to present an inflatable, retractable, automated wind sail system developed by the WISAMO teams and Michelin.

YCM EXPLORER AWARDS “La Belle Classe Superyachts”

Launched 2018, this event rewards owners who stand out for their commitment towards protecting the marine environment, be it in the design of their yacht or the way they use it. Three prizes were awarded by a jury of experts chaired by Richard Wiese, President of The Explorers Club.


Ethics / Behaviour

Mediation / Science

Technology / Innovation