Blue Odyssey Sud – 8-28 June 2022

Tuesday 28th June 2022. Teams on the Blue Odyssey Sud expedition lifted the veil on their research after sailing along the coast from Monaco to Marseille from 8th to 28th June 2022 aboard the Platypus. Their goal was to report on the state of the seabed. Images taken in the heart of the Mediterranean are now available: Link to video here (


The images captured serve not only to emphasise the importance of protecting the seabed, but also to highlight encouraging results of actions already in place. Many initiatives are underway to pick up rubbish from beaches, river mouths and on the open sea. But the stakes are high as it’s critical to prevent rubbish, particularly plastic, from disintegrating into micro-particles that are impossible to collect and then get into the food chain. Everyone needs to play their part. Every year around 600,000 tonnes of plastic waste is dumped into the Mediterranean by the 22 countries that border it.