RC44 – World Championship – Portoroz – 12-16 October 

Sunday 16th October 2022. A masterful performance! Yacht Club de Monaco’s Nico Poons (Charisma) and his crew pulled off a stunning victory at the World Championship. Unlike other events on the circuit, there was no question of waiting for the last to know the final outcome. Very quickly, Poons and his crew took the reins of the season’s flagship regatta. “With the light airs, I didn’t expect to do so well. But in the end, it all went very well. It was quite tiring, especially given the light conditions as I’m not much of an expert so had to focus hard on that, but we succeeded”. Nico Poons had nothing but praise for his team comprising Hamish Pepper, Chris Hosking, Ross Halcrow, Dimitri Simmons, Ryan Godfrey, Ivan Peute and Robin Jacobs. This is their third success in a row on the RC44 circuit this year, enough to bode well for the epilogue, 7-11 December, at the RC 44 Oman.