Monaco Energy Boat Challenge – 6-10 July2021


Thursday 8th July 2021 promises to be a day of constructive discussions and debate with a programme of targeted talks lined up. Experts in the sector will meet to delve into the detail of a wide range of topics such as development of bio-composites in yachting, new energy uses, alternative propulsion systems, design and build efficiency, and the latest advances made in research for the shipping sector.

It is also the day chosen for the Yacht Club de Monaco to sign a national energy transition pact, a Monaco Government programme combining actions on three major carbon issues for the Principality: mobility, waste and energy. To achieve the goal, the Energy Transition Mission assists signatories to the pact to produce an in-depth estimate of their carbon impact. Yacht Club de Monaco will produce its results for 2019 and 2020 in June.