Sir Ernst Expedition

Sir Ernst is firmly moored alongside the legendary Micalvi, now aground and serving as a “marina” in this the world’s southernmost port. She will stay here till the end of winter before setting sail on other adventures in this region. A big snowfall meant we had to stay on a few more days, just thinking about this voyage to the ends of the earth, of “fuego”.

The theme for this cruise was in the footsteps of the Indians who have disappeared. But what traces could we find of a nomadic people who were mostly naked, smeared with seal fat to keep warm? Nothing – except piles of empty shells of mussels eaten over 50 years ago!




Our quest was elsewhere…

When we were organising this expedition, I had a secret desire to come into “contact” with primary forests. The reality was beyond my expectations. The beauty of their trees is difficult to describe.  It’s as if a gardener comes every night to prune their “umbrella pines” into Japanese bonsai.

What drives four men to live together in a few square metres in the world’s most deserted places?

Is it to realise a utopian dream of Earth in her original state?

Is it our human predisposition to venture into the unknown?

Or is it to escape the modern world?

One thing became very clear by the end of this trip: happiness is only for real when it’s shared!

Thank you for following us,

François on Sir Ernst