Monday 4th October 2021: Don’t worry, Sir Ernst was not the target of a dreaded Exocet missile fired off by the French Navy, but host during the night to an Exocet-type flying fish which landed in the cockpit. Fabrice who was on watch returned our visitor to his natural environment, no doubt shaken, but not stirred. We never tire of watching these amazing flying fish that travel tens of metres above the waves.
When you look closely, you can see differences in the flight times of a group when it leaps out of the water. Some are particularly efficient, making use of a wave to bounce back up and prolong their flight – magnificent ! You can bet on it that our visitor was one of the most skilled.
Some might think that time seems to stretch out on a sailing yacht that is going at an average of 6 knots, the speed of an average runner. That’s so not true! The sea attracts us and it is easy to spend hours just observing it. It is never the same, sometimes peaceful and timid, then a little later showing that it does have character and must be respected.
In short, the sea fascinates and captivates us. Tonight the wind is likely to strengthen to 20+ knots. We gybe and head for Mindelo and take in a reef.  Then admire the sunset with an aperitif in the cockpit.
Sir Ernst is slipping along at 7 knots as if on rails. The ratatouille prepared by Eric has finished simmering.