Sir Ernst back in Tierra del Fuego 

Friday 6th January 2023. Securely moored alongside Micalvi, a legendary beached ship which serves as a “marina” in the world’s southernmost port, Sir Ernst patiently waited for her crew to return after several months’ break. It was in Ushuaia on Tierra del Fuego that the men from this Boréal 47 unpacked their bags. Dubbed “the end of the world”, this wind-battered city perched on a steep hill is the gateway to Antarctica. It marks the start of an exciting new adventure. Plunging into an austral winter, i.e. less than 800km from the White Continent and a few nautical miles from Cape Horn, the crew have reached the southernmost village, Puerto Williams on Navarino Island in Chile. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful between the sea and mountains. On Friday, the boat headed west through the Beagle Channel towards Gordon Island and the Cordillera Darwin Glacier.



Mascots at the end of the world

Current owner François Miribel and Fabrice Papazian, both YCM members, were in the Club in December for the YCM Awards to present their book of photographs taken during the previous expedition, the proceeds of which are going to an institute researching cancer in children. The crew, which includes Thierry Leret from YCM’s Sports Section, have two mascots on board for this new adventure in the shape of teddy bears Palmito and Patagonia. Through their stories, children in hospital will be able to follow the trip. “This voyage is important for these kids but also for their families. It’s important to play a role in their dreams,” says Fabrice Papazian. This new expedition for Sir Ernst promises to keep dreamers young and old in suspense!


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