Expedition Sir Ernst

Saturday 22nd January 2022. We arrived late afternoon yesterday at the south-eastern tip of Tierra del Fuego and will tell you about the stopover in our next update.

Before that, I’m here to give you some personal impressions of this voyage sailing on Sir Ernst.

A few days ago, while we were still at anchor in Cabo Curioso and preparing to set sail again for the south, we took the precaution of eating a hearty “pastaciutta” [generic name for pasta dish], easy to eat despite the large movements of the boat that obliged us to watch our plates and mugs that were trying to escape us!

As dinner ended, we were treated to a stunning spectacle to starboard of the sun setting, irradiating the sky and clouds, while to port a full red moon appeared above the horizon, incandescent. I was in raptures but careful not to get carried away by my imagination as I could easily believe that the Gods were greeting us.

Then the first whales started signalling us with their blows around the boat. Dolphins also continue to accompany us. Sometimes, the whiskers of a sea lion appear which then nervously quickly disappears.

After a few hours of “preparatory rest”, to avoid going back to sleep during my watch, I take my turn for the 02:00 shift. Far from feeling sleepy, I remain vigilant in front of the navigation controls showing all the parameters and the boat’s progress: course, speed, angle to the wind, etc. I’m a little surprised as this watch is usually very conducive to making one drowsy. It’s probably due to the full moon which floods the boat’s wake with its intense almost surreal light when it is reflected in the crests of the waves.

Added to the pleasure my eyes are enjoying is that of the aria assailing my ears, “La reine de la nuit” sung by Cécilia Bartolli.

I understand then why I agreed to take part in this cruise on Sir Ernst, despite the discomfort of some situations (rolling, pitching, the cold, the wet): thanks to this sailing boat I am experiencing moments of intense happiness unknown on land.

Again, a big thank you to Sir Ernst and all my crew mates for these intense emotions.

Have a good evening everyone and see you very soon!

Pierre Étienne at 54°55’S, 65°59’W.