Wednesday 10th November. Last night before we arrive. The wind has the good taste to settle into a steady 15/20 knots. We slip along between the coast and a line of cargo ships and tankers coming and going into Rio de la Plata.

At 08:00 as planned, we leave Lobos Island to starboard which marks the entrance to Punta del Este. The city’s buildings stand out on this very flat coastline. I get the same feeling as I had during a stopover on a round the world race. My God! How time flies!

Two miles from port, a zodiac comes out to meet us. Two sailors from the Yacht Club help us dock immediately at the entrance to the port. There’s a soldier on the quay. He will be our “guardian angel” to make sure we don’t set foot on land. Breakfast is delivered and includes a magnificent basket of fruit. Later, the Yacht Club’s maître d’ will bring delicious sandwiches by boat.



The secretary comes to explain the programme of festivities. Very quickly a nurse arrives to do the PCR tests while the soldier snaps away with his camera, taking shots to prove that the essential tests have been taken. We are waiting for the results, expected this afternoon, and meanwhile start on the long list of tasks that every yacht must do after a long crossing.

At midday, lunch arrives.



This reminds us of the attention paid to our visit in March by the Yacht Club de Monaco when we came to present our project and had to undergo similar tests then in force at home.  Same warm and efficient welcome. What a pleasure for all the crew on our arrival from the high seas! We even forgive our nurse for prospecting so deep into our nasal cavities!
This stopover is shaping up to be the best. Thanks to all those who have contributed to the preparations and who, in Monaco, France and of course Uruguay, support Sir Ernst.

See you soon for news on the rest of our stay here.