Vendée-Arctique-Les Sables-d’Olonne 2020 – Boris Herrmann finishes in 7th position


Boris Herrmann has overcome all the odds to finish the Vendee Arctique in 7th place at 01:12 on 15th July 2020. This place was hard won by the German skipper having led the race in first place on Friday 10 July only to suffer a technical issue with his mainsail headboard car which saw him drop down to 8th place at one point.



Boris commented “The race was very good for me for as a general test for the Vendee Globe. I am very happy to have been able to take part in this race and very grateful to the IMOCA class and organisation for their enormous effort in making it happen. It gives me confidence in the boat as I didn’t have a single concern apart from the hook of my mainsail. Other than that, the boat is going well, I am well and I am happy. I could leave tomorrow for the Vendee Globe if I had to!”



Following the dramatic breakage of his mainsail hook, Boris refused to give up, spending the day on a makeshift repair to allow him to partially hoist the mainsail to second reef in order to get himself back in the race.

Over the last two days we have seen Boris’ perseverance pay off, as he has clawed his way back into 6th place on Tuesday morning with speeds up to 30 knots, even with a reduced mainsail… proving to all those watching that his sailing skills and the new foils are definitely working.



Classement : 

  1. Jérémie Beyou (Charal)
  2. Charlie Dalin (Apivia)
  3. Thomas Ruyant (LinkedOut)
  4. Samantha Davies (Initiatives – Cœur)
  5. Kévin Escoffier (PRB)
  6. Yannick Bestaven (Maître CoQ)
  7. Boris Herrmann (SeaExplorer – Yacht Club de Monaco)