Environmental Actions


Tuesday 2nd February 2021. In addition to temperature detectors and air filters fitted in the Clubhouse last November, Yacht Club de Monaco are to install Air Knight UV lamps 1st February 2021 in all ventilation and air treatment ducts. The technology helps combat microbial propagation by treating the air and disinfecting all facilities in the building.


Hunting out bacteria  

Yacht Club de Monaco has installed this new technology to complement a range of measures already adopted against Covid-19. The system has been thoroughly tested by the Lugi Sacco biomedical and clinical research department at Milan University, in a partnership with Société Air Control. Researchers demonstrated a 99.7% effectiveness in the space of 20 minutes. Based on analysis of the data obtained, the device has the capacity to break down the viral load of Covid-19 inoculated in the liquid phase on both a hard surface and material.

It is a three-stage process: first air is filtered before being purified to eliminate germs and bacteria, and then sterilised.


A panel of measures 

Yacht Club de Monaco’s battle against the spread of this virus started in May 2020 when the wearing of masks became obligatory. Plexiglass barriers were installed and alcohol hand sanitisers set up in all areas, along with initiatives to ensure social distancing compliance and air renewal. A pedal operated system was even installed in each lift so members could select the floor they wanted without touching any buttons.