Smeralda 888 – Régates Royales de Cannes | 18-24 September 2022


Sunday 24th September 2022. It’s a path to success that Charles de Bourbon des Deux Siciles has taken aboard his Vamos mi Amor. The Smeralda 888 Class President pulled off a string of good results to clinch his third win in a row in the 2022 Championship series of regattas. Not far behind, Timofey Sukhotin (Beda) was busy, taking an honourable 3rd place. No surprises in the rest of the Monaco boats ranking with 4th place for Marco Favale (Millenium Falcon). Francesco Vauban (Botta Dritta) finished 5th, Paolo Rotelli (Black Star) 6th and Jean Rodelato (Monaco Plaisir Show Lapin) 7th. In the overall ranking for the Championship, Charles de Bourbon des Deux Siciles narrowly retains the lead ahead of Timofey Sukhotin, with Francesco Vauban still in the running to stand on the podium’s third step.