One Spirit, One Team, One Club

To be a member of the Yacht Club de Monaco is above all a commitment. It is a desire to preserve a certain ethic, both on land and on the water, and to foster a respect for naval etiquette and preservation of the environment. The Yacht Club de Monaco’s philosophy is based on the need to perpetuate but also to pass on a heritage, inherited from our ancestors, to ensure that the Yacht Club remains a lively and progressive place.

To become a member is to embrace a ‘club spirit’ based on loyalty to certain rules and principles, and to disseminate this spirit as widely as possible. It is to encourage each person’s initiatives, to favour dialogue between members, and uphold the values of solidarity and willingness to help all those who love the sea. At the same time, it is to ensure yachting is encouraged in a Principality which is constantly evolving. These are the aims of the 2,500 Yacht Club de Monaco members (73 nationalities) who perpetuate this art of living their daily lives through their passion for the sea.

  1. To adhere to the values of the Yacht Club de Monaco, and its rules, and respect naval etiquette,
  2. To promote the Yacht Club and the Principality of Monaco at every occasion,
  3. To actively participate in the sporting and social life of the YCM,
  4. To respect the YCM dress code at all official events in the Club or elsewhere,
  5. To fly the YCM flag at all times, to indicate your membership to the Club on the transom of your yacht and to affix the YCM burgee onboard,
  6. To indicate your membership to the YCM during regattas and to show a MON number on the main sail (available from the Services Membres),
  7. To introduce yourself to other yachts flying the YCM flag, whenever you arrive in a foreign port,
  8. To pass on the YCM values to the youngest members,
  9. To sponsor and support young members of the Club and its Sports Section,
  10. To invite other members to share your passion for yachting.


Service Membres

Phone Number

+377 93 10 63 00