An eco-responsible approach

Aqua Sail is an initiative by the Yacht Club de Monaco, dedicated to elevating environmental consciousness regarding water utilization across diverse user communities. This program actively promotes responsible water practices and showcases the reutilization of water sourced from YCM’s cutting-edge FGWRS system. The system is currently

specifically used for boat cleaning and plant watering.


With a core mission to heighten environmental sensitivity surrounding water consumption, Aqua Sail implements a multifaceted approach. Tailored messaging, the provision of recycled water cube, strategic signage, and seamless integration into event communications form the crux of its comprehensive awareness strategies.


Aqua Sail‘s outreach extends to young sailors, esteemed members of the Sailing School, dedicated regatta participants, YCM’s valued members, enthusiastic visitors, and discerning TOUCH & GO and YCM Marina users. At its heart lies an unwavering commitment: emphasizing the significance of conscientious and sustainable water usage, safeguarding the planet’s vitality for present and future generations

Live monitoring of water treatment