Cybersecurity & Yachting Masterclass



Thursday 4th March 2021. La Belle Classe Academy is ramping up its programme with a new bespoke online course focused on cybersecurity. It is in response to International Maritime Organisation (IMO) guidelines in the battle against cyberattacks on superyachts. The Yacht Club de Monaco’s training centre is also offering a Yachting Masterclass that aims to give participants a 360° overview of the industry.


Cybersecurity: acquiring skills to meet new technology challenges

Since 1st January 2021, cybersecurity has been under the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. The new module comprises two courses for crew members to give them the essentials to protect their yacht:

– Course 1: “Cybersecurity essentials for a yacht”: in French (25th March) and English (1st April)

– Course 2: “How to manage the crew and suppliers: first line of cyberdefence on a yacht”: in English (15th April)
This module is essential for captains and officers in 2021.

In order to anticipate danger and protect a yacht from risks, it is important to be in a position to understand, identify, analyse and evaluate them. It is also a fact that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human and organisational flaws. The goal is to inform even those who may not have computer or cybersecurity skills and to work on three key pillars: technology, the human factor and organisation.

There will be emphasis on day-to-day activities onboard, the fact every yacht is unique, what to do in the event of a cyberattack and analysis of VIP hacking case studies. The idea is to address the human factor as a determining component in cybersecurity on board and to view the crew as the first line of defence in cyber protection.


Module name: Cybersecurity
Instructor: Alexandre Bayeux, an engineer and partner of the company Xperys
Dates: Course 1 in French (25th March) & in English (1st April). Course 2 in English (15th April)
Duration: 3 hours
Fee: €150


Yachting Masterclass: a global approach

La Belle Classe Academy completes its training programme with a Yachting Masterclass. Comprising 14 classes, it covers all the different aspects of the yachting industry, which in the Principality counts 252 companies, employing 1,561 professionals federated in the Cluster Yachting Monaco, and generates annual revenues topping €753 million.

New yacht owners, professions in the sector (banks, family offices, brokers, crew, etc.), anyone interested in getting into the industry or furthering their knowledge of yachting can participate in the course, the aim of which is to help participants broaden their horizons with a view to taking on other professional responsibilities.

In adopting a holistic approach to understanding how the industry operates, the course covers topics from yacht owner profiles and their expectations, identifying yacht design principles, learning the vocabulary and navigation terms, and recognising key players, shipyards, designers and brokers, and the different roles onboard.


Module name: Yachting Masterclass
Instructor: Marcela de Kern Royer, author of the first superyacht industry handbook
Dates: 3rd April to 5th June 2021
Duration: 8 weeks, with two 2-3 hour classes a week
Fee for whole module: €1,800