Maritime and Airport Police formalities

In accordance with Sovereign Ordonnance n° 3153  from 19/03/1964 concerning the conditions of entry and residence of foreigners into the Principality of Monaco, with regards to O.S 3039 dated 19/08/1963 enforcing the Monaco neighbourhood convention signed in Paris on 18/05/1963 and with reference to O.S 20/06/2000,

Captains are informed that for any call into Monaco or anchorage in Monegasque territorial waters, they (or a crew member or a local Maritime Agent) are required to complete Maritime and Airport Police formalities, namely:


  • Fill out the “Police” registration form for the vessel and provide a list of crew and guests onboard,
  • If applicable, declare if the vessel is carrying cash and bearer instruments the total value of which exceeds 10,000 euro,
  • Submit a Maritime Declaration of Health,
  • Hand over all the documents mentioned above plus all the passports from those onboard, to the D.P.M.A (14, Quai Antoine 1er).Please follow the links to download the required documents on arrival.


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