Navicap Challenge Trophée Elena Sivoldaeva 

1-3 December 2023 


All sailing together 

Wednesday 29th November 2023. Whether experienced sailors or aficionados, able-bodied or with a disability, all will be meeting in Monaco Bay for the 1st Navicap Challenge Trophée Elena Sivoldaeva organised by Yacht Club de Monaco.  

“Today is an era of sailing for everyone, the sport we practise together with mixed crews of every hue,” says YCM General Secretary Bernard d’Alessandri, commenting on an event that is fully in line with the Club’s transmission values and part of the collective ‘Monaco, Capital of Advanced Yachting’ approach. 

Coinciding with International Day of Persons with Disabilities on 3rd December, the 1st Navicap Challenge Elena Sivoldaeva is also being held ahead of the launch of a national inclusion of people with a disability policy on Tuesday 5th December in Monaco.  

Thirty-plus teams competing 

Spain, England, Italy, France, Switzerland and of course Monaco are the nations being represented for this three-day event of races on Hansa 303, an international presence that is proof of the growing popularity of this dinghy. 

Indeed, Yacht Club de Monaco purchased two of these boats a year ago adapted so the less able bodied can also sail them thanks to donations from Club member, Elena Sivoldaeva. Crews of two able bodied or disabled sailors will be doing back to back races on a triangle windward-leeward course in the bay. 

Sharing a taste for the sea 

Above all the idea is for everyone to enjoy the sea and wind in a spirit of sharing and helping each other. Professionals armed with special training that helps them understand the difficulties those with a disability can face will be supervising the racing and sharing their expertise.  

Adapting to needs and expectations is the main driving force behind this event which promises to be welcoming and very friendly, where the pleasure of sailing and desire to share take centre stage.  

Rendezvous Friday 1st December at 2.00pm for the first warning signal. 


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