Friday 23rd October 2020. The curtain came down today on the famous Regata Santos-Rio which attracted no less than 68 boats across seven classes, a record turnout for this 70th edition. Boats set sail from Santos Bay in Rio de Janeiro for the 180 nautical mile race.

Of note was the victory in the Classics of the sailing yacht Aventura 1957 which was awarded the La Belle Classe Trophy, an echo of Monaco Classic Week – La Belle Classe. “It was an honour for our crew to participate in this historic regatta,” said the captain José Bastiani. “The boat was outstanding and in perfect condition, thanks to a lot of effort. Winning the La Belle Classe trophy is very encouraging. This award has made us all very proud”.

The Iate Clube de Santos (ICS) was honoured in 2013 by the Yacht Club de Monaco which granted it the title of La Belle Classe Ambassador to Brazil. The ICS enjoys privileged ties with the YCM via  reciprocity agreements and as a member of La Belle Classe Destinations.

Issued by the YCM, this international label defines a standard of excellence in terms of facilities, services, security and environmental protection for marinas and their Yacht Club. As a result, the Iate Clube de Santos in Brazil regularly attends YCM events.