Young athletes at the Yacht Club de Monaco’s Sports Section enjoy a high standard of coaching both on the water and ashore, which for a selected few is being coupled with a balanced approach to nutrition.  Starting in August, six athletes competing in the Nacra 15, ILCA and kiteboarding classes are benefiting from bespoke nutrition programmes arranged with Swiss Natural Med.


Mens sana in corpore sano

 “Young people are starting to take the nutritional side of their sports career more seriously,” explains Paolo Ghione, in charge of the Competition Division at the Sports Section. “This support targets those who have a particular physical profile and have already attained a certain level. It’s a sort of life-coaching that we are offering them, a personalised follow-up”.

Derry Procaccini CEO of Swiss Natural Med continues: “Six athletes were selected and we have studied their profile and put together a suitable nutrition programme for each one. We want to help them with this aspect that will benefit not only their sports career but on personal level as well. We usually start with a questionnaire relating to their lifestyle, followed by an assessment of their body and build to see if there are any particular factors we need to take into account from a nutritional point of view. Once we have all the information, we are in a position to develop a 360° plan. Our goal is to maximise the genetic potential of each individual by giving them a tailormade nutrition plan based on our products”. Their products are also on the menus developed by YCM’s Chef Ganache for the children who attend YCM’s SeAdventures Camps.



Targeted support for an all-round experience

Armed with its experience helping professional athletes, and cycling and hockey teams in particular, Swiss Natural Med is now turning its attention to the new generation, because as Derry Procaccini explains, “if they’re taught in the right way, they are generally much more open to any topic relating to nutrition and wellness”.

The mixed pair in the Nacra 15 are among those selected. Aged 14, they are pre-adolescent and therefore have specific physical demands. Bodhi Van der Linden, a young sailor in the ILCA 6 (Laser Radial) is another candidate in a class that requires a particular physique and preparation.

Foiling kiteboarder and Monaco’s great hope, Alexander Ehlen, is also benefiting: “He has a different build and normotype. At Olympic level this class comprises male athletes weighing between 75kg and 80kg so he needs a programme suited to his sport,” says Paolo Ghione. Finally, Jérémy Moutout and Lisa Caussin-Battaglia, representing the Olympic class ILCA 7 and ILCA 6 (Laser Standard and Laser Radial) also have their own special needs given this demanding category and their objectives.

This support is being offered alongside individual fitness programmes, all monitored by a coordinating doctor.