ILCA — League Cup Final – Martigues

Sunday, June 11, 2023. For the final leg of the League Cup championship, the Yacht Club de Monaco’s Lasers set the bar very high. After three races on the Etang de Berre in Martigues, Leo Boisvert and Davide Marino finished 7th and 8th in ILCA 7. In ILCA 6, five races were enough for Mathis Duplomb to climb onto the second step of the podium, with Bodhi Van der Linden in 6th place. In the ILCA 4 girls’ group, Louise Debeaumont came 6th after three races, while Alexandre Pompée and Namu Van der Linden finished 7th and 10th.
The highlight of the season, the event marked the end of the 2022/2023 League Championship. In the final overall classification of the ILCA 4 girls, Namu Van der Linden won the cup, with the very young Louise Debeaumont coming 3rd. In the boys’ ILCA 4, Alexandre Pompée, Matteo Asscher and Noah Garcia finished a respectable 7th, 15th and 20th.
In boys’ ILCA 6, Mathis Duplomb won ahead of Bodhi Van der Linden, while Noah Garcia came 26th. In ILCA 7, Davide Marino finished 4th, Juan Alberto Casalone 12th, Leo Boisvert 19th and Thomas Mangano 27th.