Sir Ernst Expedition

This month it’s François’ turn to answer our questions. François is the new owner of Sir Ernst. He has already sailed round Cape Horn but this is his first expedition to the Antarctic.


What motivated you to embark on this new adventure to Marguerite Bay?

I had the good fortune to sail in the Patagonia canals in 2005 which made a lasting impression on me. Later, I had the opportunity to meet people who were going to the Antarctic under sail. All had stars in their eyes when they talked about this “terra incognita”. And above all most of them wanted to return, a magnetic attraction! Purchasing Sir Ernst, meeting Hervé Perrin and Fabrice Papazian, made it possible to create this wonderful opportunity to sail in Marguerite Bay. Although this is perhaps a little unreasonable!


How would you define the spirit on Sir Ernst?

Every one of us is driven by the saying “Make your life a dream and your dreams a reality”. The Sir Ernst spirit is above all one of adventure with open camaraderie at its heart. A taste for adventure and good things, trust in one another, and generosity in all its forms are the values on board.


What does the name Marguerite Bay mean to you and what do you expect?


Marguerite Bay, located south of the Antarctic Peninsula, is only accessible for a few weeks a year when the ice melts. For me the name represents an extreme land – one of incomparable strength and power. I expect to encounter nature that is both hostile and majestic where one lives to the rhythm of the movement of the ice.

I must admit I like the idea of sipping whiskey chilled by a thousand-year-old ice cube!