Sir Ernst bypasses a depression off Rio.


The crew on Sir Ernst were delighted to receive the following poems written by secondary school pupils aged 13-14 at La Guicharde de Sanary-sur-Mer.

A big thank you to all the kids and their French teacher

François & Hervé


Poems for Sir Ernst 


In the footsteps of Charcot

The third Antarctic expedition has begun;

The adventurers have passed Cape Verde.

In the footsteps of Charcot, on their sailing boat,

They make “their life a dream and their dream a reality”.


Adventures in the ice  

Our lessons have travelled across the ice

Phrases brushing against icebergs

Letters drowned in their tracks in a trice.

The work floated over the seas,

Le Pourquoi Pas took over the fleet,

And the sky touched the earth,

But no caves for shelter did we meet.

The Sir Ernst has left for the Antarctic

To discover the albatross and condor,

The Jeune-Hardie was in the Arctic

As was Paul-Emile Victor.


Adventure in the ice

Our ideas have travelled,

So many miles and kilometres,

That we are a little unravelled

Faced with what you are doing.

You are all so brave and fearless

To go to winter down there!

Like Charcot you are gallant and peerless,

Myself, I would not dare.

She is sailing, your beau bateau

You will arrive in the Bay of Marguerite

To see the animaux

Of the Antarctic.


A winter in the ice

Sir Ernst is sailing.

At the port of Sanary

We waved and smiled for them to see.

They are testing their courage

Throughout the voyage

And to date are still taking risks in the waves.