Sustainable technologies

Keen to offer solutions to the environmental issues of our time, the Y.C.M. welcomes technologies to improve its energy performance and its impact on the environment.



As part of its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy, the Yacht Club de Monaco carries out several initiatives, such as the recycling of its swimming pool water using the technology developed by FGWRS. This sustainable approach contributes to the preservation of the environment and the responsible management of water resources. This recycled water is indeed redirected back to the swimming pool, especially during the filter cleaning sequence, instead of the drinking water usually used for this purpose.

Monitor water treatment in real-time
Solar panels

Solar panels

The Yacht Club de Monaco has embraced sustainable energy practices since its construction, evident in its installation of solar panels over a 160 square

meter area on its roof. These solar panels, integrated into the Club’s energy system from the beginning, contribute to the Club’s power supply and embody its long-standing commitment to sustainable energy. The Club currently focuses on enhancing the efficiency of these solar panels, aligning with its dedication to improving sustainable energy use.



The Yacht Club of Monaco incorporates thalassothermal energy, utilizing the temperature differential between shallow and deep sea waters. This system not only provides heating and cooling for the facilities but also powers specific applications such as the kitchen’s cold storage system, ice machines, and air conditioning units. This sustainable and renewable technology is a key component of our commitment to energy transition and environmental sustainability.


99% UV & Purified

UV lamps have been installed in all the ventilation systems of the Y.C.M. to combat microbial spread by treating the air and disinfecting the entirety of the air processed and injected into the building. It reduces the presence of pathogens by 99.99%. A first in the Principality!


Materials used

Only FSC (Forest Stewardship Council ensuring sustainable forestry) wood has been used.

External timber flooring: FSC Elondo Ivorense Hardwood. Processed and dried in Europe.

Interior: FSC European Oak for the parquet floors with joints picking up the detail on boats, making large surfaces reflecting the natural movement of the wood.

Interior wall cladding: big format gloss white lacquered panels with aluminium inserts, giving maximum flexibility for hanging.

Internal ceilings: FSC European oak triangular slats with acoustic backing.


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