What does time represent? It’s conditioned according to what? We’ve lived with lock-down, when time seemed to stand still, yet as the saying goes some have watches, others have time. A transat cuts through some of what conditions time. Although we are subject to watches on deck, changes in wind strength when we have to trim the sails, we have three weeks of sailing so our time is defined! But the reality is that we’re cut off from many things, which means having to occupy ourselves between watches. It’s an art! Keeping busy is very individual. You just have to accept staying busy without measuring how long it all takes. A luxury for some, everyday life for others! What’s interesting is that stopping can lead to introspection. I often sit down to meditate. Usually meditation is done with your eyes closed, but how to close one’s eyes when there is so much to see? The horizon is 360°. There’s the sun, its reflections, the clouds, the swell, the Exocets, the birds. Nature is so present in small things. But ultimately, it’s vast. Never the same, an ever-changing spectacle as time passes. I think about my readers and their realities. In life, we all make choices. And yet it’s not good to be bored when others dream of having the time to do nothing. And in the end, it’s enough to simply admire nature while letting your mind wander with pleasant thoughts. I’m tempted to say that a calming environment soothes the mind and the dimension of time becomes variable.