After the first days of all the excitement and nerves associated with the departure, we’ve settled into the slow pace of life and routines aboard Sir Ernst. But let’s look at the facts: we’re going to cross the Atlantic in 25 days at an average speed of 10km/hour. A transatlantic on a cruising yacht is an accolade to the slow life!

So I let time do its thing. The Present and its senses take precedent. It’s like being a child again, being surprised by that scent of burnt metal from thunderstorms on the equator.

I get drunk tuning into the boat as she slips through the water. I delight in the exquisite taste of mangoes from Cape Verde. I take exception to the hot viscous entrails of a freshly caught tuna. I admire the flight – unbelievable suspension – of the flying fish! Will I be given a sixth sense? Let’s follow the motto of the day aboard Sir Ernst: “It is much better to wait”.