PRADA CUP – (15th January – 22nd February 2021)


Saturday 30th January 2021. Congratulations to Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, YCM member Patrizio Bertelli’s team, who swept the board in a crushing victory over American Magic. Dean Barker and Terry Hutchinson’s men had absolutely no chance against the dominant Italian team. It took two days and four races to conclude this chapter of the PRADA Cup.



Huge disappointment

The Americans had given it their all to repair the structural damage and electronics system on their AC75 after a dramatic capsize mid-January, but to no avail. Their race boat Patriot 2.0 did not make it beyond the semi-finals.

Seconds before the first start, American Magic suddenly dropped their foils, giving  Luna Rossa an 18 second advance, an advantage the Italians capitalised on in the second race after a very poor start by the Americans. Result: 2 minutes and 43 seconds separated them at the finish.

The second day of the semi-final was just as difficult for the racers on American Magic. Having been beaten in the third race, the Americans had to win the fourth to save their America’s Cup challenge. But tactics decided otherwise. This time they crossed the finish 3 minutes 51 seconds behind the Italians.

Defeated skipper Terry Hutchinson described their premature exit from the PRADA Cup as “brutal”, saying: “It is very disappointing to finish this way as we know we can do so much better”. The disappointment is all the more painful as after 14 years of absence the New York Yacht Club was making a big comeback to an event it had dominated from 1851 to 1983. The Americans had however impressed the world at the Prada America’s Cup World Series, held end of December, finishing just behind the Kiwis on Emirates Team New Zealand.




Ineos Team UK and Luna Rossa on route to the Cup

OK guys, time to tackle Ineos!”, declared Luna Rossa helmsman Jimmy Spithill, after victory over American Magic. The highly coveted title of Challenger will be decided at the PRADA Cup final which starts 13th February. The first team to win seven races will face Defender Emirates Team New Zealand at the 36th America’s Cup (6-15 March).