PRADA Cup 15th January – 22nd February 2021


Auckland, New Zealand, Friday 29th January 2021. The Italians hit the ground running at the semi-finals to dominate the first day of the semi-final series. The men on YCM member Patrizio Bertelli’s Luna Rossa did not put a foot wrong in rough conditions in the Rangitoto channel in Auckland to win both races against American Magic. The Italians were in complete control of their boat, with two impeccable starts and strong sailing to put Luna Rossa in the lead after the first day.


New emblem for Patriot

The images went round the world, those of American Magic which capsized in a strong gust of wind as it rounded the final mark. Fortunately no one was injured but the New York Yacht Club’s monohull bore scars from the impact. As well as damage to the electronics, the Americans had to repair a gaping hole in the hull in record time.

On leaving the yard on Wednesday 27th January, Patriot renamed Patriot 2.0 deserved a standing ovation. The boat emerged with a new emblem, over the area where the hole had been, in the form of crossed band aids featuring the flags of their opponents with an enormous “Thank You” above expressing their gratitude to the teams who sprang to their aid in helping rescue the boat.



All out

Dean Barker’s crew are not finished yet and are set to push their machine, albeit weakened by the damage, to its limits. Saturday is a new day for the Americans who have another opportunity to confront the Italians who are only two race wins away from winning this semi-final. Who out of Luna Rossa or New York Yacht Club American Magic will face Ineos Team UK at the Prada Cup finals? The second day of this semi-final will decide.